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Pioneers of Hindi Literature Mohan Rakesh was born today

Pioneers of Hindi Literature Mohan Rakesh was born today on 8 January 1925, in Amritsar and died on 3 January 1972, in Delhi. He is introduced as a pioneer of the Nayi Kahani progress in modern Hindi literature, but Mohan Rakesh didn’t believe there was anything ‘new’ in the action. He made a considerable contribution to the novel, travelogue, criticism, memoirs, short story, and drama.

Pioneers of Hindi Literature Mohan Rakesh
Pioneers of Hindi Literature Mohan Rakesh was born today

He was a gifted playwright and novelist. As we go in his pioneering works we find a progressive improvement in his following works. Increasingly he grows closer to the fate and purposes of humanity. He was a master author and had a wonderful power over the Hindi language. He frequently composed about the city’s middle-class characters, about their goals and ambitions. 

A few of his collection of stories include Quarter tatha Anya Kahaniyaan, Pehchan tatha Anya Kahaniyaan, Varis tatha Anya Kahaniyaa. Some of his greatest plays carry Ashad ke Ek Din, Laharon ke Rajhans, and Adhe Adhure. Mohan Rakesh’s great three plays Ashad ke ek Din, Laharon ke Rajhans and Adhe Adhure are extremely famous, they produced a trend in the society of theatre. His plays were the primary selection of the directors of that time. Adhe Adhure is a painful comedy story about the life of middle-class people. 

Mohan Rakesh's book AANTRAL
Mohan Rakesh’s book AANTRAL

In 1950 his first anthology of short stories, Insan ke Khandhar, was published. His subsequent collection, Naye Badal, was issued seven years later in 1957 succeeded by Janwar Aur Janwar (1959), Ek Aur Zindagi (1961), and Faulad Ka Akash (1966). But he is perhaps famously remembered for his dramas, prominently Ashadh Ka Ek Din in 1958 his first play, Lehron Ke Rajhans (1963), Adhe Adhure (1969), and Na Aane Wala Kal (1968). In July 1971, he won the Jawarharlal Nehru Fellowship for research on ‘The Dramatic Word’. However, he could not achieve it and died on 3 January 1972

Some famous quotes by the Pioneers of Hindi Literature Mohan Rakesh

“Jeevan mein mujhe itni kahaniyo ki punji di hai ki saara jeevan likhta rahu to bhi ve sab kahaniyan nahi likhi jayengi. Keval samay ke abhaav ke karan hi nahi, balki isliye bhi ki bohot si kahaniya hai jo hazar chahne par bhi nahi ban paati, ya wesi nahi banti jaisi likhte samay kalpana hoti hai. Isliye yeh apne jeevan se jeevan bhar ki hod hai. Is hod mei main haarna nahi chaahta”