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Acclaimed Modern Hindi Writer Jai Shankar Prasad

Acclaimed Modern Hindi Writer Jai Shankar Prasad was born on 30 January 1889 and died on 14 January 1937. Jai Shankar Prasad, the most well-known personage associated with modern Hindi literature and Hindi theatre. He was a renowned Indian poet, author, and playwright. He was born in a modest family in Varanasi.

Acclaimed Modern Hindi Writer Jai Shankar Prasad
Acclaimed Modern Hindi Writer Jai Shankar Prasad

He was so enthusiastic to understand many languages, earlier stories, and Hindi writing. This was the reason why he extended his schooling at the house. As he resumed his education, he was determined and interested enough in the Vedas which emulated him in the profound thoughtful opponent.

At a very early age, he has begun composing poetry. He was also affectionate of striking chess and doing landscaping tasks at his home. Vedas influenced him remarkably for composing his poetry, plays, novels, and stories. He has penned his first part of poetry groups known as the Chitraadhar in the Braj vernacular of Hindi. 

He was a celebrity in the realm of Hindi writing and Hindi theatre. He was the one who gives the world passion with his exceptional and heart touching poems. 

His method of the poem was emotional and touching. Some of his poetical compositions are Kamayani which was published in the year 1935, Kanan, Kusum, Prem Pathik, Jharna, Aansoo, Lehar, and Maharana ka Mahattva. He was an expert in combining knowledge with creativity. Jaishankar Prasad’s most renowned achievement was Kamayani is an illustrative narrative poem in which he amplifies the ritual, religion, and conception of India. The poem bargains with different legends but the primary being the evolution of civilized society. He has worked on several comparisons to describe this statement his poem Manu describes the human personality, other poem Shradha expresses love and Ida describes rationality as an expression of being expressible. 

Jai Shankar Prasad's Poem
Jai Shankar Prasad’s Poem

His plays often barter with traditional characteristics of Ancient India particularly SkandaguptaChandraguptaSamudragupta, Ajaatshatru. His additional acclaimed plays carry Parinaya, Karunalaya, Taskiyya, Rajyashri, Kamana, Praayashchit, Kamana, and Dhruvaswamini. Remarkable of the famous dramas composed by him are Chandragupta, Skandagupta, and Dhruvaswamini. 

Jaishankar Prasad also penned short novels, which allotted with traditional, fictitious, simultaneous, and social topics. Some of his outstanding short stories are Mamta, Bandi, Akashdeep(Katha Sangrah), Puraskar, and Chhota Jaadugar. Titali and Kankaal are several of his best-selling novels. This exceptional chayavadi lyricist and characteristics poet died on 14th January 1937. The luminescent sun of Hindi poetry set on its peak moving for seed rich educational purposes.

सुना यह मनु ने मधु गुंजार,
मधुकरी का-सा जब सानंद। 
किये मुख नीचा कमल समान,
प्रथम कवि का ज्यों सुंदर छंद।