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Indian Cinema’s Larger-Than-Life Actress Geeta Bali

Indian Cinema’s Larger-Than-Life Actress Geeta Bali was born in Amritsar in 1930 and died on 21 January 1965 in Mumbai. She has performed in approximately 70 movies throughout her profession traversing above a decade, Bali is recognized for her characters in movies like Albela, Dulari, Baaz, and Badnami which was released in the year 1946. Geeta Bali was only 12 years old when she began of her profession as a child actor in the movie The Cobbler. 

Indian Cinema's Larger-Than-Life Hindi cinema Actress Geeta Bali
Indian Cinema’s Larger-Than-Life Hindi cinema Actress Geeta Bali

Just a few years later of the release of her first film, she made her debut appearance as a lead actress in director Majnu’s movie Badnami which was released in the year 1946. Nevertheless, then she performed opposite actor Bharat Bhushan and Begum Para in the love-triangle superhit movie called Suhaag Raat which was released in the year 1948. Her performance in this film made her the queen of Hindi cinema.

Geeta Bali breathed a short-lived period of fame. But whatever she accomplished still looks like a living life of fantasy for several in the Indian film industry. She left underdeveloped an unfinished Punjabi film and an aristocracy body of movies performing in approximately 70 movies. Her silver screen profession extended for only 14 years, but she succeeded in satisfying, both professionally and privately, becoming a connecting point for the future ages of artists and filmmakers. 

Actress Geeta Bali in a movie
Actress Geeta Bali in a movie

She acted in 70 films over a one decade career and instantly grew to popularity in the late years of the 1940s and 1950s. Presented how she performed in a variety of styles, supposing its melodrama, tragedy, or comedy, Bali never dropped into the pitfall of a repeatedly to the same type of role. Apart from her delectable on-screen demeanor, Bali was a gifted, spirited dancer, classically taught as a child. She displaying her expertise in director Guru Datt’s movie Baazi which was released in the year 1951 and the great commercial success burlesque movie Albela. In Albela, she acted opposite Bhagwan Dada popularly danced to the song name Shola Jo Bhadke

Her original name was Harkirtan Kaur. She did daily acts as a classical dancer. She also did drama plays and harmonized for All India Radio. That’s not all! She kenned horse riding and had learned the martial artwork from Gatka. Quite a set for a woman in those circumstances. She did different super hit movies with actor Dev Anand, like Baazi which was released in the year 1951, Jaal which was released in the year 1952, Ferry, Milap, Faraar which was released in the year 1955, and Pocket Maar. the most memorable ones of her songs heard of the songs “Bholi Soorat Dil Ke Khote”, “Balma Bada Nadan Hai” and “Shola Jo Bhadke”? All of these are from the popular movie called Albela.

The fabulous heroine caught smallpox throughout the shooting of a film called Rano which was never got into production or never released. She turned to Mumbai with a high fever and passed away in just 15 days. The actress who fitted to the golden period of Bollywood the 1950s and 1960s died at the young age of just 34.