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India’s First Electric Train ran on 3rd February

India’s First Electric Train ran on 3rd February in 1925. Today in India Indian Railways carry approximately 23 million passengers every day to their destination. Almost each of us has memories of traveling in trains and viewing the trees race or watching the moon as it’s following us while the train hurries us to our address. As a child or we could say as an adult everyday lakhs of Indians go to their offices and destination to their popular tourist spots by their favorite mode of transport Indian trains.

India’s First Electric Train
India’s First Electric Train ran on 3rd February

The first-ever electrical train in India operated on February 3, 1925, between Bombay VT and Kurla Harbour. The electrical train was powered on a 1500 VoLTE Direct current. Following, the electrical wire was lengthened to Nashik’s Igatpuri region and then to Pune city. Approximate 388 km of railway tracks were amplified by electricity in the country before India achieved its freedom in the year 1947.

It’s been almost 96 years since India saw its first-ever electrical train running on tracks. On 3 February in 1925, India commences the functioning of its First-ever electronic train. The daily service of India’s first electric train started between Bombay VT (now Mumbai) and Kurla on the docking lane. A 129 foot, unit length huge Railway gantry was constructed to produce this conceivable. At the moment, the building was promoted to be the only such friction measure everywhere in the globe.

The first Electric varied Unit setting with 4-cars was signaled off by Bombay (now Mumbai) Governor Sir Leslie Orme Wilson. The first set operated from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai to Kurla. It was covered between Victoria Terminus and Kurla on the dock Line. The electrical engine was worked with 1500 VoLTE Direct current hanging friction. The English shipbuilding company Cammell Laird and the German manufacturer of rail vehicles Uerdingen wagon Fabrik companies implemented the engines for the India’s first electric train.