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Legendary bollywood actor Vinod Mehra

Legendary bollywood actor Vinod Mehra was born on 13 February 1945 in Amritsar, Punjab and died on 30 October 1990 in Mumbai. Much ere Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan came to be recognized as ‘chocolate boys’ of the silver screen Bollywood film industry, this dazzling title belonged to Vinod Mehra. When Mehra was dominating the world of the film industry he was the actor who has captured every girl’s heart in his sleeves with his charming looks and remarkable acting. 

Legendary bollywood actor Vinod Mehra
Legendary bollywood actor Vinod Mehra

Mehra started his acting career unexpectedly as a child artist. Right after he completed his graduation the attractive fashionable man decided to take acting as his full-time career. Apart from his good looks, he was a versatile actor who could perform every role intensely that could make the audience glued to their TV or silver screen.


In the Indian movie industry, Vinod Mehra is a title who is frequently mentioned as a multifaceted and versatile actor. His golden crown was decorated and embedded with various honors. He began his profession as a kid actor and his career with becoming a superstar actor of that era. His commitment to the Hindi movie production is unprecedented and presents us to cherish him evermore, even after his passing of so many years. His performance with faithfulness is awesome.

When he was a child his family moved to Mumbai because of his father’s business. Later his father faced a major breakdown in his business, because of failure his father abandoned the family, leaving his mother to fend for herself and her children. So it is a specific reason that his childhood was not easy as his future career look, in his early career in the industry he was never considered as a main or lead actor he worked as a brother of the lead actor or so many roles which are not counted as leading roles or parts.


After so many small roles in the films and overcoming many hurdles he made a big name for himself in India, even today Vinod Mehra is still contemplating as a dazzling, amazing, and remarkable actor. He began his superstar stardom venture on onscreen as a child actor, he performed the character of younger Kishore Kumar in both movies called Raagini which was released in the year 1958, and Bewaqoof which was released in the year 1960. 

Vinod Mehra in a movie
Vinod Mehra in a movie

Despite his charming appearances and his acting talents, Mehra never earned a role in a movie as big as a leading hero. He quickly converted as a go-to personality to represent a friend, brother, or uncle to the leading actor. He shared screen space with so many top evergreen actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, and Sanjeev Kumar, other than this he performed in more increased than 100 films in a profession that spanned throughout the early years the 1970s to 1990. Some of his famous movies are Anurodh which was released in the year 1977, Ghar which was released in 1978, Amar Deep which was released in the year 1979, Sajan Bina Suhagan which was released in 1978, and Bemisal which was released in the year 1982.


In the year 1971, Following he performed several small important roles, later on, he debuted as a leading actor in the movie called Ek Thi Reeta alongside actress Tanuja. He extended his acting career over the succeeding several years with the movies like Elaan which was released in the year 1971, Amar Prem which was released in 1971 and Lal Patthar which was released in the year 1971.

But it was with the movie called Anuraag that he eventually made his name as a leading and remarkable actor. In the movie, Vinod Mehra played the role of Rajesh, who was the son of a prosperous businessman. As the film story moves his character fell in love with a girl name Shivani this role was played by actress Moushumi Chatterjee, a girl who has visually diminished the movie was released in the year 1972 and it was a blockbuster. His charismatic presence and glamorous looks earned him the support of the audience and the directors fall in love with him immediately.

The Hindi language adaptation of the English performance called, A Girl Called Rita, was released in the year 1971. Vinod’s notable movie called Ek Thi Rita delivered to him new possibilities to established and developed himself in the film industry. 


Vinod Mehra with his wife's
Vinod Mehra with his wife’s

In a profession that spanned over two decades or so, he has performed in approximately 100 films. In his whole charismatic life, he married thrice first he married actress Meena Broca, later on, he married actress Bindiya Goswami when they did not last together then he wedded for the last event to actress Kiran in the year 1988. 

There were some rumors that he dated actress Rekha and then married her. Vinod confirmed his wedding to Rekha in an interview with the famous Movie Magazine. But in the year 2004 in a television interview show, Rekha dismissed the declaration made by Vinod Mehra ever being wedded to Vinod Mehra, later she referred to him as a “well-wisher”.


Even though his life was short but he makes himself a personality that is still remembered by every Bollywood Hindi film lover. Charming and legendary actor of Bollywood who is still evergreen, Mehra passed away at the young age of just 45 on 30 October 1990 in Mumbai, cause of his death was from a heart attack.