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The goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala

The goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala was born on 14 February 1933 in Delhi and died on 23 February 1969 in Mumbai. Madhubala was a goddess of indian cinema like nobody other could match the beauty and remarkable acting of hers. She was loved by millions or we can definitely say by every indian and a extremely prosperous actress of her period. Although her in appearance glamorous life was packed with grief and unhappiness.

The goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala
The goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala

Today is her 88th birth anniversary. Even though her life in the movie looks prosperous and fruitful but in reality, her real-life was full of sorrow and love failures. Several actor’s remained alive in the public mind long-drawn after their stardom time and that one star was Madhubala. She was born Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehelvi in Delhi to a Pathan Muslim family. Madhubala is still the evergreen beauty and remarkable actress of indian cinema like none other.


Conceivably she was the most gorgeous actress to eternally-gracious the Indian cinema and Indians has ever witnessed. Madhubala grew and came from modest origins to display and grew as the most charismatic actress India has ever witnessed on the silver screen. Madhubala was born with the name Mumtaz Jehan Begum in an impoverished, traditional family of Pathan Muslims in Delhi, at the childish age of just nine years old she started her acting career and joined the business of movies. After Madhubala’s father Ataullah Khan dropped his work at the Imperial Tobacco Company in Peshawer, the family suffered several misfortunes. This was the reason that Madhubala had to start earning money from the young age of 9 years old. 


Madhubala was a successful indian Bollywood cinema actress. She has appeared in numerous thriving films from the year 1950s and early 1960s, several of which have accomplished classic standing. With her counterparts actresses like Nargis and Meena Kumari, she is universally considered as one of the most gifted Hindi cinema stars.

Her real name was Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi. She is an Indian actress who is still and was the most celebrated female Bollywood star throughout the years of 1950s and ’60s. She was principally famous for being a stunning beauty, so extremely so that the expertise of her extraordinary acting was often disregarded. 


After her father lost his job it was an unsweetened quarrel for her family, as they worked to make terminations suffer. Madhubala’s father would frequently go to the movie studios with her, in the hunt for work. She made her debut as a child actress at the young age of nine with a movie called Basant which was released in 1942. She immediately began to the popularity and After working as a child artist for nearly five years, quickly she made her debut as a leading actress with the movie called film Neel Kamal which was released in the year 1947, at that time when she starred in the movie she was only 14 years old. 

Goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala as a child actress
Goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala as a child actress

At just merely age of 14 years old, she performed a romantic drama movie as a leading actress alongside another emerging actor, Raj Kapoor, after the movie Madhubala never looked back. Over the following two years, she had bloomed into an absolutely delighted and graceful teenage girl. Later on, with the film called Mahal, she grew as an overnight sensation and she was a superstar of that era.


It has always been said that her attractiveness and beauty dominated her acting capabilities, which to a range is accurate. Nevertheless, this was more due to bad decisions caused by her father who choose her movie scripts than the shortage of brilliant acting talent. Being burdened by a huge family to carry, and eternally breathing under the control of an overbearing father because of whom, she made numerous bad decisions in films that thoughtfully threatened her trustworthiness as a professional and great actress. Her bad decisions took her to the path where she was labeled as “box-office poison”


Madhubala the goddess of Indian cinema was born on Valentine’s Day the day of love we say but she was not lucky in her love life. Madhubala was the woman of that time who could charm anyone with her acting abilities and beauty. Now, if Madhubala endures for tremendous beauteousness, it also holds the title for immeasurable grief. Notwithstanding, very less people could recognize that aspect of the star, whose heavenly appearance remains to be the standard framework of grace in the Bollywood film industry. 

Indian cinema Madhubala with actor Dilip Kumar
Madhubala with actor Dilip Kumar

The one exceptional love of her short lifetime was the legendary actor Dilip Kumar, whom she could not marry despite both wanted to marry each other. Madhubala had a prolonged relationship with actor and regular co-starring actor Dilip Kumar. They initially met each other on the sets of the movie Jwar Bhata which was released in the year 1944 and later they worked collectively in the movie called Har Singaar which was released in the year 1949, unfortunately, due to some reasons the movie was never finished or cleared.

Their romance blossomed two years later throughout the shooting of the movie called Tarana which was released in the year 1951, this movie was the beginning of their off-screen bond. Apart from this they also enhanced as a successful romantic couple on silver screen who loved by every Indian person. Collectively they had worked on a total of four movies. They both were in love with each other. Their relation collapsed and throbbed, just because her father was not pleased with this relationship and actor Dilip Kumar.

Apart from being a queen of Indian cinema, Madhubala was identified for having a low characterization, she nevermore makes public publications and she infrequently presented interviews with any magazine or news channel. The Cinema industry was frequently considered involved in her private life and relationships links and Dilip Kumar was frequently quoted whenever and wherever there is a talk about Madhubala. These rumors were strengthened with a strong and unusual public display throughout their dating in the year 1955. 

After a prolonged romance, there was a time when Madhubala and actor Dilip Kumar was standing against each other. As stated by some reports, director BR Chopra had approved Madhubala and Dilip Kumar for his movie called Naya Daur in the contract it was written that both the artists should be present at the shooting location of the movie in Gwalior for more than one month. 

Madhubala’s father who also stated as her manager feared for his daughter’s safety, and asked the director to shoot the movie in some of the studios in Mumbai, but this was a topic that BR Chopra did not consent to. When the matter did not seem to work out Madhubala was finally succeeded by actress Vyajayantimala. In a temper, her father Ataullah Khan registered a claim in the court against BR Chopra for offending the agreement. But the turning point in Madhubala and Dilip Kumar was when he took side with Chopra in this case. This was also the reason that actor and the great love of Madhublala’s life Dilip Kumar and Madhubala both parted ways.

Madhubala and Kishor Kumar
Madhubala in a movie with her husband Kishor Kumar

Well, some say that Kishor Kumar and Mahubala’s love story was as painful as hers with Dilip Kumar. It is also said that Madhubala married Indian playback singer Kishor Kumar out of persistence. They married in the year 1960 when Madhubala was at the peak of her career and she was just 27 years old. This eventual marriage shocked the whole industry or we could say the whole of India. Her final marriage to singer Kishore Kumar was barely a felicitous one. She died at the young age of just 36 years old. Her life was broken in all elements like her heart, physical health, and emotions. From the beginning of her career, till her passing, she proceeded to rule the Hindi film industry. Yet, her life was cut small by declining well-being and notwithstanding remaining loved and cherished by millions of people all around the world, she was entirely unfortunate in love.  


It was the movie Mughal-e-Azam that chronicled what numerous think to be her most famous and comprehensive characterization as the convicted concubine named Anarkali. Her acting in the film was so great that it still looks like she owns the film. Mughal-e-Azam was directed by the great director K. Asif, unmindful of the health condition of Madhubala’s severe illness, the great movie required great efforts by the whole crew. Making of the movie needed hard and exhausting shooting plans that put huge bodily physical requirements on her ailing self.

Madhubala in superhit movie 'Mughal-e-Azam'
Madhubala in superhit movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’

Whether it was acting as a face covering veiled figure in choking make-up for ampere-hours under the scorching hot aching big studio lights or standing chained with chunky chains. From the year 1951 through to 1959 Madhubala entrusted her most excellent shots into the movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. On 5 August in the year 1960, Mughal-e-Azam was released and grew as the highest-earning movie at that period, the record was unbroken for 15 years which was later broken by the movie called Sholay released in 1975.


As a star or we say superstar Madhubala did rise to the height peak of the industry in her whole short time career. She has so many successful movies embedded in her crown. Apart from this, she has worked with the most popular stars of that period like Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Rehman, Pradeep Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, and Dev Anand. Other than this she has also performed alongside numerous celebrated leading actresses of the period like Kamini Kaushal, Suraiya, Geeta Bali, Nalini Jaywant, and Nimmi. But there was a time at the peak of her career she suddenly experienced a downfall in the mid-years of the 1950s. Her movies, even important ones like Amar which was released in the year 1954, did so badly on the box office that she was labeled by the critics as “Box Office Poison”. But that was not it, in 1958 she gave her downfalling career a turnaround and presented the most successful movies.


In the early years of the 1950s as Madhubala grew as India’s one of the most distinguished actresses, she additionally by her beauty and acting brought interest from the Hollywood movie industry. She was the first Indian woman or Indian to appear on the famous Hollywood magazine covers. In the early years of the 1950s, she appeared in numerous big American magazines such as Theatre Arts. In the Theatre Arts August issue which was published in the year 1952, Madhubala was starred in a great article in the magazine with a complete sheet picture. The piece of the article was labeled as the: Biggest Star in the World (And She’s Not in Beverly Hills). It impersonated the star as an enigmatic and heavenly woman of the mythological goddess with millions of fans all around the world.

Madhubala on American the Theatre Arts magazine
Madhubala on American the Theatre Arts magazine

During the period of her dominance, the American filmmaker Frank Capra was on a journey to Mumbai and its movie ateliers, he was pleased and received by the notable faces of Bollywood Hindi cinema industry stars. Nevertheless, the only one star he desperately desired to meet was marked by her inattentiveness, gorgeous Madhubala. He wanted to meet her and set a meeting with her to present an opportunity for the goddess of Indian cinema Madhubala to debut in Hollywood was proposed by Frank Capra. But as her father was managing her everything Madhubala’s father rejected the proposal and put a spectacular ending to her possible Hollywood movie profession.


In her short somehow remarkable and grief life, Madhubala acted in above 70 movies. When she was shooting a movie was discovered to have a heart dilemma during the filming she coughed up blood in year 1950. Later with some doctor visits, she discovered that she was born with a ventricular septal deformity, generally identified as a “hole in the heart”. At that period, a heart operation was not universally possible. But her health took its damage and she passed away on 23 February in the year 1969 at the young age of 36 in Mumbai. For the most maximum of the years of the 1950s, Madhubala acted favorably notwithstanding her gravely illness. One of the most gorgeous appearances and remarkable actress to the graciousness of Bollywood silver screens was left abandoned to depart.