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Samjhauta Express bomb blast in 2007

Samjhauta Express bomb blast in 2007, on 18 February in Panipat, Haryana. The Samjhauta Express bomb blast was a terrorist strike that happened approximately midnight on 18 February in the year 2007 on the Samjhauta Express. The Samjhauta Express is a train service connecting Delhi, India, and Lahore, Pakistan which runs twice every week.

Samjhauta Express bomb blast in 2007
Samjhauta Express bomb blast in 2007

After the investigation it came to light that the explosives were placed in two coaches, unfortunately, both carriages were packed with patrons. The explosives were set off when the train departed Diwana railway station in Panipat 68 peoples lost their lives in this tragic attack in the forthcoming fire and the majority more were stricken. In the total 68 deaths, most maximum were Pakistani citizens. But the sufferers also added some Indian commoners and 4 were Railway officials.

On February 18 in the year 2007, a bomb blast was carried out in the Samjhauta train in the Indian state Haryana. on the report of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the terrorist attack which was a bomb blast was brought out in the implementation of a criminal plot directed to threaten the “integration, uprightness, protection and freedom” of India. Numerous train carriages were also torched in the consequent fire.

Indian Prosecutors finally uncovered proof of cases with bombs and flammable substance, including three undetonated other explosive weapons. Inside one of the suitcases where the undetonated explosive weapons were found. After the attack, eight calm coaches were permitted to proceed forward to Lahore so the remaining unharmed passengers could reach their destination.

Samjhauta Express bomb blast
Destroyed train coach

In this whole attack’s investigation, there were approximately 299 eyewitnesses in the matter. Some Pakistani citizens were witnesses around 13 of them were eyewitnesses. But they never arrived before the hearing tribunal notwithstanding the publication of indictment and information completed by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Several witnesses became antagonistic throughout the hearing in the year 2013. There were eight Inculpate in the occurrence but only four met the judicial case. 

Approximately after 12 years, a bomb blast in Samjhauta Express took the life of the majority of passengers, a particular National Investigation Agency tribunal cleared all 4 arrested namely Aseemanand, Lokesh Sharma, Kamal Chauhan, and Rajinder Chaudhary in the 2007 Samjhauta Express bomb blast case as by some agencies reported.