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Great bollywood actress Nutan Samarth

Great bollywood actress Nutan Samarth was born on 4 June 1936 in Mumbai and died on 21 February 1991 in Mumbai. The evergreen gorgeous actress Nutan was that precious jewel in the Indian Hindi silver screen who could originally combine an artist’s perfection with star strength in the mass. She endures a radiant actress like none another. Well, whoever is familiar with Indian cinema of the 1950s to 1980s knows the name Nutan who was the star of that era. 

Great bollywood actress Nutan Samarth
Great bollywood actress Nutan Samarth

Nutan’s dominance traversed over forty years in the Hindi film industry and she was the exclusive actress of that time to received five Filmfare awards for Best Actress obtains. Nutan starred in groundbreaking roles that established her as a unique and versatile actor.

In the chronicles of the Hindi films industry, few artists know how to combine famous stardom with acting intrepidity. There was something in her character, she could perform an inconsistency performing a heartfelt conservative Indian woman in movies like Saraswatichandra and yet be especially through charm in modern. On her death anniversary today, we are going to unwind her career.


The gorgeous actress of the Indian industry Nutan began her film profession at just the mere age of 14 years old with the film called Humari Beti which was released in the year 1950. Interestingly this was produced and directed by her talented mother, Shobhna

Nutan was born with a silver spoon in her hand to actor and filmmaker duo, Shobhana and Kumarsen Samarth. Out of four of her siblings, she was the eldest child. At the young age of 14 years old she was introduced on the Hindi film silver screen as a woman in a movie called Hamari Beti. Nutan was a traditional Indian grace and her complete oval face and slim and high body structure were instantly astonishing.

Nutan Samarth Bahl displayed a strong curiosity in dancing and hymnology from a very tender age. When she was a child she learned Kathak dance and even performed in public events Kathak dance is a form of Indian classical dance. Nutan began her movie profession in the year 1950 while she was studying in school with a film called Hamari Beti

After her debut movie, Nutan was marked for her performance, and film offers commenced flowing in for her even though her debut movie flopped. She touched the top of the industry at the beginning of the 50s with some hit movies like Hum Log and Nagina. Nutan also acquired the Miss India crown in the year 1952 when she was just a teenager 16 years old. Her initial huge achievement movie was Amiya Chakravarty’s movie Seema which was released in the year 1955.


When she was at the peak of her career she worked with nearly everyone who was the extremely successful superstar actors of that period like in the movie Sujata with actor Sunil Dutt, in the movie Paying Guest with evergreen actor Dev Anand and in the movie Anari with actor Raj Kapoor and many more others. She was cast in the movie alongside fabulous actor Amitabh Bachchan in the movie called Saudagar which was released in the year 1973.  

Nutan Samarth in a movie
Nutan Samarth in a movie

The role she played in a movie called ‘Seema’ which was released in the year 1955 she gave an exceptional performance which gained her first Filmfare Award in the category of being Best Actress. She moved further to obtain four more awards for four more films Filmfare Award like movie ‘Sujata’ which was released in the year 1959, ‘Bandini’ which was released in the year 1963, ‘Milan’ which was released in the year 1967, and ‘Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki’ which was released in the year 1978. She proceeded to perform the principal characters in the movies until the late year of the 1970s. 

Following in her dominant career in the Hindi film industry, she began performing the roles of mothers in movies like ‘Saajan Ki Saheli’ which was released in the year 1981, ‘Meri Jung’ which was released in the year 1985, and ‘Naam’ which was released in the year 1986. 


Other than her exceptional career the Government of India conferred Nutan with the Padma Shri award, the fourth-highest civilian honor of India. Nutan died young, at the age of just 54, on 21 February 1991 in Mumbai.