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Mary Kom Olympic boxing champion of India

Mary Kom Olympic boxing champion of India was born on  1 March 1983 in Kangathei, Manipur.

Mary Kom Olympic boxing champion of India. Well, there are thousands of sportspersons in India who played for the country but some of them do something extraordinary that makes us remember and recognized them as legends and champions of all time. And the champion of boxing Mary Kom is one of the sportspeople that make up screams top of our lungs whenever she won her matches. In the year 2014 Mary Kom became the first Indian woman boxer to win a Gold Medal in the Asian Games in South Korea. Her original name is Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom

Mary Kom Olympic boxing champion
Mary Kom Olympic boxing champion of India

A common girl who hails from ManipurIndiaand from the Kom tribe who recklessly sought her desires without worrying about the obstacles and showed the world that nothing is greater than the will to succeed, by holding the title of first Indian female boxer to win an Olympic medal for her country. 

This six times World Amateur Boxing Champion had many obstacles to encounters while pursuing her goals, but the greatest element about her was that she never stopped battling against the difference which also involved her family who nevermore desired her to grow as a boxer. But they did not know that the girl they are stopping will going to be the greatest boxers that India has ever witnessed, and make India proud to win the first-ever woman boxing championship and Olympics. Mary’s triumphant profession explained that “champions are not born, they are made”.


She was the eldest daughter who was born to tenant farmers who worked in ‘Jhum’ fields to take care of their children. When she was young she used to spend her time with her parents helping them in fields. She urged to become a boxer after watching her  She found her true calling when she saw her fellow man from Manipur state name Dingko Singh bagged the gold medal for India at the Asian Games this was the moment she knew and was determined to be a boxer. 

The way to become a boxer was not smooth for her as the town she lived in as well as her parents opposed the determination and her decision to run after boxing viewing the games are solely for boys. Mary began taking training in Sports Academy in Imphal and used to cover big miles to acquire boxing under the protection of Coach K. Kosana Meitei. But later her determination for boxing make her moved out of her town to Imphal to train there and receive her further education as well when she was just 15 years old. In the year 2000, Mary gained the state boxing championship, and it was the moment her parents appreciated her training. Originally, they objected but seeing her rich appearance and natural gift, they accepted.


Mary dominated the boxing ring for several years, in the year 2001 Mary Kom fought in her initial world event at the World Championship’s debut season. In the first-ever boxing match in that tournament, she succeeded to secure a silver medal in the 48 kg section.

She improved her expertise in boxing in the next year as she moved on to win a gold medal at the World Championship in Antalya, Turkey in the year 2002. She increased the celebration by obtaining another gold at the Witch Cup in the pin weight section.

Mary Kom with gold medal
Mary Kom with gold medal in Commonwealth Games

In 2004 Mary Kom filled every Indian’s heart with her extraordinary winning performance in Boxing World Cup which s held in Norway. Again in the following year, she won the Gold medal at World Boxing Championship at Podolsk in the year 2005.


In 2005 Mary Kom married K. Onler Kom. She paused her sports career holding much engaged in family and parenting her two children. Mary would usually be distracted by a shortage of energy in her life. Her husband Onler played an essential part to work throughout this time to make her comeback in her perfect boxing career. With her husband’s powerful assistance with her, Mary began back from a two-year leave from her rising career. Within the next two years that happened, she gained the World Championship twice yes twice!! she won twice continuously. 

Mary Kom won Gold medal
Mary Kom won Gold medal in Boxing Championship

She made a powerful victorious comeback, getting a silver medal at the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in the year 2010, and moved on to add several more extra gems in her golden crown showing to unbelievers that there is a huge distinction between moving back and departing.

At the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship of the year 2012, Mary knocked swingeingly not simply to silence the doubters but also to meet the requirements for the London Olympics. 

Overpowering Poland’s Karolina Michalczuk in the opening shot by 19-14, Mary moved forward for the quarter-finals where she controlled Tunisia’s Maroua Rahali by 15-6 which was a great overpowering score, entering the finals but unfortunately she lost to the English boxer. She not only received India’s first Olympic medal (bronze) in woman boxing but also attached her name to the Indian sport’s memoir. Mary’s will to win and never defeated approach makes her an excellent character personality for the young girls that sports are a sport anyone can play if you have the will to do. Mary was displayed as the first Indian woman boxer to conquer a medal at the Olympics.


We could not count her achievements on our finger because she is that impressive and exceptional boxer. Throughout her career, she has an immense level of achievements like she was the first Indian woman who obtained the Gold Medal in the Asian Games in the year 2014 in South Korea and is including the first Indian woman boxer to get the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in the year 2018. She has conferred the Padma Vibhushan award, India’s second-highest civilian award by the government of India, in the year 2020. In the year 2009, she was conferred with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, by the government of India.