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Jaspal Bhatti famous Indian actor and comedian

Jaspal Bhatti famous Indian actor and comedian was born on 3 March 1955 in Amritsar, Punjab and died on 25 October 2012 in Punjab.

Jaspal Bhatti famous comedian
Jaspal Bhatti famous Indian actor and comedian

Jaspal Bhatti famous Indian actor and comedian. Our Indian film cinema is full of talented comic actors. And we have witnessed some of the best Comedians of our life such as Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Kader Khan, evergreen Mehmood, Jagdeep, and Tun Tun just like these greatest comics actors Jaspal Bhatti was one of a greatest and famous comic actor of India of all time. 


Jaspal Bhatti was conceivably one of the greatest and prestigious humorous comedians in India. Well, it was very uncommon at that time that an engineer to become an actor. He received his graduation degree from Punjab Engineering College. He was an electrical engineer. Apart from being an engineer in his beginning days, he used to perform in the streets of Punjab which is also known as Nukkad Natak. 

Despite being an engineer with an electrical degree he chooses to work as a cartoonist at the Tribune newspaper, in Chandigarh. Eventually, as he began his career in media he changed his way from working at a newspaper to a television. 


Jaspal Bhatti first got his breakthrough on the little character screen began when he acted in and directed the particularly acclaimed television serial called “Flop Show” and “Ulta Pulta” for the Doordarshan network. Only ten episodes were regularly presented, but the program accomplished a compelling bequeathing that is still commemorated. The purpose why the viewers got interlaced with his programs was his ability to motivate character humor to emphasize the everyday life problems a middle class in the nation has to barter with. 

Jaspal Bhatti in "Flop Show"
Jaspal Bhatti in “Flop Show” 

Bhatti worked in Hindi film cinema in a movie called Aa Ab Laut Chalen with Kadar Khan in the year 1999. Jassi later directed a fiction movie in the Punjabi film industry called Mahul Theek Hai. His film was a sarcastic dig at the Punjab police. The film was a financial triumph and its realistic integrity was greatly applauded by the public. 

Jaspal has also appeared in many Hindi film industry films. Amongst them is his role as a safety guard in the film called Faana and university principal in the movie Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche


Jaspal Bhatti was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, at the Golden Kela Awards program. Jaspal Bhatti was conferred the Padma Bhushan award on Republic Day in the year 2013 by the government of India for his enrichment to Arts after his passing. He passed away on 25 October 2012 in Punjab due to a road accident.