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First-ever Asian Games in New Delhi in 1951

First-ever Asian Games in New Delhi in 1951 on March 4, in the year 1951.

First-ever Asian Games in New Delhi held in the year 1951. Just like the Olympics is a world game where sportspersons all around the world participated in it and the winning person or the nation gets the trophy. It also has a big opening and closing ceremony. But there is an event name Asian Games which is specially held for countries of the Asian continent

First-ever Asian Games in New Delhi
First-ever Asian Games in New Delhi in 1951

The Asian Games is a divers-enforcing discipline games competition held once each in four years. Professionals from all nations from the Asia continent are greeted to compete in the games. The Asian Games is acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee and is the second-huge multitudinous-sport (competitive) game(s) after the Olympics. 


The original version of the Asian Games was taken place in New Delhi on March 4, in the year 1951. The outcome of the Second World War determined Japan was excluded from the 1948 Olympics which was held in London.

After World War 2, several Asian nations achieved freedom from sovereignty, and a fragment of the Indian International Olympic Committee named Guru Dutt Sondhi suggested the conception of Asian Games as a sports (competitive) game(s), where all Asian countries can be stewarded. The first-ever Asian Games were taken place in New Delhi on March 4 in the year 1951. Asian Games were organized by the Asian Games Federation from the year 1951 to 1978. 

Asian Games symbol

Considering the year 1982, the Olympic Council of Asia now controls the Asian Games as well as Olympics. The representative for Asian Games is the rising sun with interconnecting loops. Nine countries have hosted the Asian Games from the beginning and 46 countries have associated in the tournaments. India is a founding member of the Asian Games and also the master of ceremonies of the inaugural Asian Games in 1951. India is one of the seven nations to have competed in all the versions of the Asian Games that were held to this date

India simultaneously with Japan is the only nation to have got at least one gold reward in each game of the Asian Games. India has perpetually placed in the first 10 in the commemorations score in Asian Games.