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International women’s day on 8 March 2021

International women’s day celebrates every year on 8 March. This year world will celebrate this special day on 8 March, Monday, 2021.

International women’s day on 8 March 2021. Women of the world are still fighting for an equal future liberated from dishonor, standard/conventional image, and inhumanity; a future that’s able to be upheld or defended, nonviolent, with similar powers and possibilities for everyone. To take us where the globe requires women at each office table where arrangements are occurring.

women's day celebration
International women’s day on 8 March 2021

Or we could genuinely say every day should be observed as Women’s Day. Nevertheless, to honor their actions, the UN declared every year on March 8, as International Women’s Day. Furthermore, it is the day to support their strength of defeating the hard customs and growing out as powerful dominant women.

Soon, as International Women’s Day is just around the corner let’s take a look at how it’s started.


Women of the world have been fighting for their rights and their equal rights for a very long time or we could say since she was born in this world. March 8 as a specific day for women started as a labor demonstration.

International Women’s Day has a strong story beginning back more than 108 years — the initial look of it was the seeds were planted in the year 1909 when the Socialist Party of America observed 15,000 women who complained longspun job hours, low salary, and the shortage of polling powers in New York City.

First women's day
First women’s day in America

Later in the year 1910, the concept to obtain the day international was taken to the official table throughout a convention. It originated from a woman named Clara Zetkin. There were 100 women there, from 17 nations, and they clicked on her proposal collectively which was great that women were supporting other women to gain their legal rights. In Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland it was originally observed in the year 1911 two years later it was originally started. 

Matters were declared approved in the year 1975 when the United Nations which is also known as the UN commenced honoring the day. The opening theme for the first official International Women’s Day was decided by the UN in the year 1996 was “Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”. Every year has different themes but all themes totally focus on “An equal world is an enabled world” and demand for people to work collectively to produce a gender equal society. And following the entire world begins observing women for their struggles and difficulties for equal rights.


Year after year, March 8 is observed as International Women’s Day on the globe over and over again every year. It commemorates the cultural, financial, social, and administrative accomplishments of women while focusing attention on the difficulties they encounter in day-to-day life as well as in the professional background. The day also indicates a proposal to move toward stimulating gender equality. 


Between this time of defiance, UN Women made an announcement that this years them is 2021 as, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. It holds as an excellent method to commemorate the day. This motif suggests that all men and women are similar and can work collectively in developing society. Every year on March 8, we observe the day to identify women’s achievements in every field.

Understand it or not, the system without women is insufficient and incomplete. It is not simply just because women’s are a solution to new lives, preferably, are the only person who can perform anything imaginable. As a human we also need to understand that before being SOMEONE’S daughter, wife, sister, girlfriend she is mots importantly SOMEBODY or SOMEONE.