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Vijay Samuel Hazare best batsmen & Indian captain

Vijay Samuel Hazare best batsmen & Indian captain was born on 11 March 1915 in Sangli, Maharashtra and died on 18 December 2004 in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Vijay Samuel Hazare best batsmen & Indian captain still in history. In India we just don’t watch cricket we worship it not just as a game or sport but as a religion. It is not just a sport it is an emotion that runs through in so many indian who as completely enthusiastic for this sport it involves so many happy wins and sore loss.

Vijay Samuel Hazare best batsmen
Vijay Samuel Hazare best batsmen & Indian captain

Even before we Indians went crazy for “GOD OF CRICKET” Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli and Kapil Dev there was a man name Vijay Samuel Hazare who established newly Independent India in the history of cricket. Which we still can not fail to remember even in this generation or upcoming generations. Vijay Samuel Hazare was the man who presented India with its first ever Test Match win against England under his captaincy in the year 1951–52 at Chennai.

Well we Indians has witnessed many Indian Cricket Captains but there was something excellent about him and his way of playing that people still remember him and acknowledge him as one of the best batsman in the world. He was the absolutely exceptional man who took India to its first ever Test match victory, Vijay Hazare, was the captain of national Indian cricket team in almost 30 Test matches.  


Vijay Samuel Hazare was Indian Cricket player, well-organized Right-Handed Batsman and a Right Arm slow Bowler. On the June 22nd of 1946 a young man age of 31 walked on the cricket ground with loaded exceptional cricket talent and made his test debut against England cricket team at Lords Cricket Ground. In his debut match he scored a total of 65 runs and with being efficient with his batting skill he also took 2 wickets with just giving away 107 runs which is quite a lot for a bowler to giving away these runs for just 2 wickets. But nevertheless, he grew his game and made a name of himself that only quite a few are capable of.  

He is well remembered for his taking Indian cricket team to its first ever test victory. The match was played between India and England on 6th of February 1952 at Madras (now Chennai).  


Vijay Samuel Hazare was a small man in that time when the opposition cricketers were more than 6ft. But this issue did not let this man stop from becoming the best out of best he used his effective batting techniques and strength of his arm and wrist to knock some of the biggest runs. It is widely said the pressure of being the captain of Indian cricket team took a toll on his performance accompanying this the lack of support of teammates also became the reason of his exceptional but short career. If he did not have the captaincy, he would have been a finest batsman and this burden of captaincy called the biggest tragedy of cricket.  


He played for India in 30 test matches. His batting average was 47.65 which was quite magnificent to be honest even after going through criticism for not being the finest cricketer while he was playing internationally. In the year 1946 a test match series was held against England cricket team where he gave his exceptional performance and scored 1344 runs at the batting average of 49.77 and also took 56 wickets in whole test series with the bowling average of 24.75.  

Vijay Samuel Hazare in a match against England
Vijay Samuel Hazare in a match against England

After India gain its independence a tour of Australia was held in the year 1947-1948. There he proved himself that he is the one of the most remarkable players of all time. He became the first Indian to knock off the century in each inning of Test match against the team which was captained by the Australian batsman, and one of the greatest worshipped sportspersons in the memoir of cricket Sir Don Bradman. In the same series Vijay Samuel Hazare bowled and took the wicket of Bradman not just once but twice!! Yes, twice from this he gains immense popularity and fame all over the world.  

Later in some interview he stated that Bradman’s wicket worth more than his centuries. Hazare became the first Indian to knock a triple century in World class cricket. In his cricket career he scored 10 first class double centuries just thing about knocking the double century in that era how exceptional it is today it is kind of normal for cricketer Rohit Sharma to knock this off in one day matches.  

Throughout the World War 2 India was the only country who could held matches in home without any interruption. He took total of 595 wickets in his whole first-class cricket career. With a bowling average of 24.61.  


Many of us had heard of Vijay Hazare trophy but few of us cricket enthusiast knows after whom is this trophy was named. In the year 2003-2004 Vijay Hazare trophy was commenced in his honour. It is a domestic one-day tournament trophy which helps young talents to get a chance to be seen and polish their career for Indian cricket team. In the year 1960 he became was the first cricketer to receive the Padma Shri award by the Government of India.