Poet Shyam Bahadur Verma

Shyam Bahadur Verma was on born 10 April 1932, in Uttar Pradesh and died on 20 November 2009, in New Delhi was a versatile genius, scholar, thinker, and poet of many disciplines. He provided many dictionaries to Hindi literature. Books were seen in each of his rooms from floor to ceiling. Shyam Bahadur Varma studied […]


Maithilisharan Gupta

Maithilisharan Gupta (born on August 3, 1886) was a famous poetof Hindi. And, His birth anniversary is celebrated every year on August 3 as ‘Poet’s Day’.  He was third child of Seth Ramcharan Knkne and parents Kashi Bai. Both mother and father were Vaishnavites. Due to more attention in sports in school, studies remained incomplete. Munshi Ajmeri ji guided him. At the […]